Production Milling/Turning

for GibbsCAM 2016 and Older Versions
taught by Chuck Van Volkingburgh & Stephen Cunningham

Course description

  • 69 Videos
  • 68 Quizzes
  • 3 Texts
  • 6.5 hrs

Topics Covered Include:

  • Documentation
  • Interface and Navigation
  • View Controls
  • 2D Drawings and Dimensioning
  • Set Up Preferences
  • Tool Creation
  • Hole Operations
  • Contouring / Pocketing
  • Toolpath Generation - Milling and Turning
  • Stored Processes - Multi Process Machining
  • Cut Part Rendering - Virtual Machining, Graphics and Animation Options
  • Simple Positional 4th Axis Indexing
  • Post Processing - G-code Creation


Chuck Van Volkingburgh & Stephen Cunningham
Chuck Van Volkingburgh & Stephen Cunningham

Chuck VanVolkingburgh and Stephen Cunningham have both been programming and working with CNC machinery for more than twenty-five years each (50 years combined experience). As reseller employees, they have helped to train thousands of GibbsCAM users from hundreds of large and small machine shops over the past eighteen years. Companies like Precision Drilling, National Oilwell Varco, Weatherford, Redline-Pro, Drilformance, Promac and hundreds more have taken our classroom and on-site training. Over the years we have developed a well organized curriculum which produces capable GibbsCAM users.

Course Curriculum